20 May 2007

Update on Swim Around the City Attempt

Let's call it Candlestick to Diablo Point. I made it to about 1 mile past the Golden Gate when huge swells cresting from three directions left me feeling like I was up against several walls of water. I asked to be pulled. The only thing we didn't have a contingency plan for happened. I wanted to get out.

Right now I feel great about how much I did do and lucky that we had this experience before we get to the Channel. Details and photos to follow.

Thank you for all of your support.


Anonymous said...

Amazing effort, Jess!! Irina and I were wondering all day how it was going for you. Glad to know that you're safe :-)

Anonymous said...


Congratulations! What a wonderful article in the Chronicle! What an incredible effort. I saw your Mom last week, but had no idea you were doing this. We'll be rooting for you on July 7th!

Barbara Alesandrini