08 June 2007

Thank You, South End!

Thanks to everyone who attended the Swimming to France English Channel Benefit party last Friday at the South End Rowing Club. Kim Howard did a great job of putting together a fantastic party. The raffle was a success, the turnout was phenomenal, the food was fantastic and everyone loved the chocolate fountain, chair massage and the tequila fairies and studs!

3 weeks from today I leave for London! Tomorrow is my last long swim. 10 hours in the bay starting at 5 a.m. I am a little bit nervous, but I know when it is finished I will feel like I am truly on my way to France.


Carla said...

Hi Jessie,
Sorry we had to miss the fundraiser, but you'll be pleased to know that Christine and I had our own First Friday Cook Islands and we though about you!

cr8vdrvr said...


I hope you have:

1. all the energy you can muster
2. have the best looking patrol
3. the paparazzi take your photo,
victorious at the finish

Good luck, and my thoughts and good wishes are with you!

Candy (cr8vdrvr)Bandong

Christina said...

Dude! You are so kick ass! Wish I'd known about the benefit! Am glad to hear it went really well!!
Wishing you all kinds of strength and stamina and cannot wait to hear all about it! You are totally inspiring.
Rock the channel!


Mark Robson said...

Great Blog
keep up the good work
and good luck
am sure you will do it


Anonymous said...


I am the paparazzi. Your crossing will be photographed in detail. You are and will be beautiful.