16 January 2007

46 on my watch!

I scraped ice off my windshield at about 5:25 a.m. and jumped into the bay with Cory and Bob at 6 a.m. Something about it wasn't as bad as last Thursday but the temperature reading on my watch said 46 degrees. I think it may have been 47 but combined with the air temp it read as 46. I stood around on the dock for a minute (not any longer) looking for Cory's husband Jim. I hobbled past the sunrisers as they prepared their boats for a gas house cove swim. I felt like I was running with broken legs into the showers. All I could think was that I was going to be warm for the rest of the day. As I showered, Tawny entertained me with her stories of becoming hypothermic last week and watching the moon bounce around the sky. I don't plan on swimming for longer than about 25 minutes until the temperature creeps back up to above 50. I can't believe that will actually feel warm.

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