06 January 2007

NYD Half-a-Traz

Nearly 100 swimmers and half that many pilots from SERC and DC jumped from the boat about 1200 yards outside of Aquatic Park at 8:30 on January 1st, 2007. The heavy fog made it impossible to swim from Alcatraz, as neither the swimmers nor the pilots could even see San Francisco. The water temperature hovered around 50 degrees and I finished the swim in 20 minutes. I wasn't dissapointed that the swim was so short because I was very nervous about jumping from a boat and having no visual clues to help me know which direction to go in. Thank you to Gary Emich (SERC swim commisioner working one day over his tenure) and all of the pilots who helped us get to shore safely.

No resolutions for 2007, just one thing to get done: SWIM TO FRANCE! Let the countdown (and the long training) begin...

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