06 July 2007

Follow me to Dover...and wait...

Today we met Julian and Scotty at the Dover Harbour for a leasurily swim at 10. I brought my camera so you can enjoy our antics. Yesterday Reg was more blunt with Julian and told him that the forecast was "crap". People on the beach still seem hopeful about tomorrow possibly being the first day of the Channel season that a swimmer will set out to get to France the hard way.

Here are Julian and I on the beach, with France somewhere behind us:

A dramatic beginning to our swim in the harbour:

View of the White Cliffs from the beach:

Finally in the water:

They say if the flag on the castle in Dover is not blowing in the wind, it is a good day to swim the Channel. Here it is in the distance, flying in the wind:

I am ready for the real thing!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Thsee pictures are SO GREAT!!!! I love the 'waiting' picture, and the ones from the water are lovely.

You are swimming right now, and I'm anxiously awaiting another update, as your mom said "The jelly fish continue to be a problem, even after two hours. Alice said that she does not think that Jessica has been stung, but it has really shaken her mental resolve.Stay tuned."

Well I am STAYING TUNED. I'm also sending you all of my good thoughts and energy to get through this. You are so strong, I know you're doing great.