03 July 2007

Thursday? "Not looking good for Thursday, Love, not looking good at all"

Hey Everyone, Alice here. Jessica has given me some power over her blog now, so sometimes it might be me instead of her. After a day of anticipation and of waiting for the time to come tonight to call Reg, the pilot, to hear if Thursday would be THE day...and after almost an hour and a half of "network busy" signals from the British phone service, Reg informed us, "Not looking good for Thursday, Love, not looking good."

To be honest it wasn't the response we have been waiting, anticipating, or even expecting after today. After a couple days of staring out the living room window hoping for a glimpse of France through the rain and fog, we spent many hours today watching France! It was clear enough to finally see the French shoreline, and I am sitting here tonight looking out at the lights on the coast of Calais. Jessica's quote of the day today, "Wow, France looks really close when you look through the binoculars!"

They say this is the toughest time. The waiting. But we are all in good spirits and everyone has been well prepared for the waiting. Jigsaw puzzles, knitting projects, good books, board games, walks through town, and commentary on just about everything are passing the time well.

A huge rainbow encircled the sky tonight, from one side of France to the other. We think it is a good sign!

Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes.

Given everything...Reg still said to call tomorrow, so Thursday or Friday still are not crossed off.


Heather said...

Yes, patience is a virtue. I had to wait 3 days for my swim and the weather was beautiful before my window started. Keep the spirits up!


Michelle D. said...

Hi Ladies. Fun to read about what you're up to. I hope the weather clears for you. See you soon! Michelle

Anonymous said...

hope the weather clears soon: time to be relaxed and focused. will be keeping up with the blog,good luck, rooting for you here in SF.

ahelee said...

Hi Jessica and crew!

I know it is hard... but try to enjoy the bit of extra rest.
When you get antsy, put yourself in a chair. Imagine how tired you will be feeling at about 3/4 of the way across The Channel, take a deep breath and relax for some extra rest. It is only going to make you that much stronger on your swim!

Wishing you a very Happy 4th of July from your American swim fans!