05 July 2007

The Storm Before the Calm

Reg said not tomorrow. Now we know why. The winds have picked up significantly, the fog has moved in and there are countless big "white horses" (white caps) on the Channel. It is raining. We are sitting comfortably on the couch inside our cement house with steel shutters drinking French wine. The house is aptly named "The Gun Emplacement" as it was used to defend England against invaders by sea during both World Wars.

We are trying to be as French as possible in hopes of getting a little bit closer to France, which we keep believing is some where out there beyond the fog bank. Alice is diligently listening to "In Flight French" and Heather is speaking in some convoluted accent which seems British at times and French at times. Heather even did her hair in French braids and contemplated giving herself a French manicure. As I type this, I am using my best "Brench" (British-French) accent. We sit staring at the barbie doll pink fishing nets, which remind us of the task we are waiting for. Yes, we have cabin fever and yes, this is the reality of waiting for your day in the Channel. My dad has gone to bed, as he is getting up an hour earlier each day, so he will be prepared to wake up at 1 a.m. on the big day. However, he is sleeping facing France.


Heather said...

I love the pictures and videos...I feel like I'm there.

Jessica, don't be using those White Cliffs of Dover as your starting block...it would give you an unfair advantage.

I had some French fries this evening in tribute of your swim!

A Channel experience wouldn't be a Channel experience without waiting for the weather to improve.

Make sure you eat some of those tasty ice creams at the Dover beach.

Go Jessica...the true definition of HK.

Anonymous said...

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