04 February 2007

Fuel Me! I'm the Rocket!

We jumped at 9:15 this morning for a choppy and beautiful swim from Coughlan Beach back to the club on a fast flood. Coughlan Beach is just West of Fort Mason. It was named after Frank Coughlan, a long time South Ender who passed away recently. Frank ended up at what is now known to South Enders as "Coughlan Beach" instead of the club on a Alcatraz swim and thus the beach was named.

The water was 49 degrees and that means that my watch read something other than 46 or 47 for the first time in almost a month. I hope the worst of the cold is over. Alice, who will crew for me during the Channel had her first experience piloting a club out-of-cove swim.

I rode over to the start in the zodiac Alice was co-piloting. It was a beach start, which means that we had to jump out of the zodiac into the freezing water and wait on the beach for the official start. We swam out from Coughlan Beach (just West of Fort Mason) and headed for the "too far out buoy" which is in front of Fort Mason. The swim went by almost too quickly. Before I knew it, I was flying by Fort Mason and ready to head into the cove. The swim took me 22 minutes which is likely less time than I spent in the sauna.

I came in first out of the South End women and was awarded a sign to hang around my neck that said "Fuel Me, I'm the Rocket". I joked with Alice that that would be what I say on my "speed feeding" across the channel.


Sarah said...

Go rocket, go!! Great pics, Jessie. Keep up the fantastic work and keep up with the great posts and pictures! We love 'em!

Oh and congrats on coming in first!

Anonymous said...

Jessica is failing to mention how many sea lions we saw popping their heads out of the water as we made our way to Coughlan beach that day! So excited to pilot/support/feed you in the bay and on your way to FRANCE! - Alice