22 February 2007

Brave Swimmers on a Dark and Stormy Morning

It was another one of those mornings. One of those mornings where I feel a little crazy for doing what I do. I heard the rain falling all night long and knew it would be a stormy morning in the bay. My dedicated training partners Bob, Cory and Jim met me and we walked outside into the rain and watched the swell rock the boats in the cove. It was actually kind of fun once we got in the water. I felt raindrops on my skin and the gentle roll of the water as I swam. I can't wait to feel the sunshine again.


Anonymous said...

I love the your commentary's sence of place and circumstance that make training in the Bay become real.

You make the difficult to imagin become real and immediate.

Carla said...
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Carla said...

Go Jess - you are so inspiring! Winter is almost over!