07 February 2007

My Really Good Friends Helping Me Get to France

Yesterday Bob, Cory and I enjoyed a brief photo shoot on the beach at 6 a.m. Why not? It wasn't raining, there wasn't ice on the deck to either South End or the Dolphin Club and the temperature of the water was approaching 50!

Almost everytime I leap (or timidly walk and scream) into the water in the morning in the dark in the middle of winter I think of how grateful I am to have Cory and Bob as training partners. They have consistantly supported me through the coldest winter any of the old timers can remember. They are a part of my journey to France and that is more and more apparent every day that we step into the icy winter waters of the bay.

This afternoon Alice and I jumped at about 5:05 p.m. for a short swim. It rained on and off as I drove from the Peninsula up to the club. I walked out of the locker room first and from there could see heavy rain beating down on the South End dock. Alice stepped out of the locker room and before she could see the inclement weather I asked her "Do you want to see how good of friend you are?" She laughed and said "sure". I looked towards the rain falling on the bay and together we walked toward the water.



Anonymous said...

Jessica, you're my hero! I'm so proud to know you and think what you're doing is a story for a lifetime! Thanks for letting me check it out - I'll definitely keep track of you and your impending arrival in La France! and if you ever need a space to sleep while in SM, let me know - 2 open beds at the moment! jp

Sarah said...

Wow...it's so surreal to look at that photo of your friend Cory in the water and then realize how cold the water really is. Brrrrrr! You guys are so amazing. You really are one of my heroes, Jessica! You are totally going to rock this!

BTW, LOVIN' the glow sticks!

So, Mahalo and ADIOS for now, amiga! I'm off to Mexico until Wednessday!