13 February 2007

So this is why I like swimming in the bay!

Last week I knew we were on the brink of the sunrise being just early enough so that the first hints of light could be seen when we got out of the water at 6:30. What I didn't realize was that the tempurature would be serveral degrees warmer by today. After the first 25 yards of swimming I remembered once again why I like swimming in the bay. It is a whole new world of swimming when you are not gripped by the icy cold that hurts your teeth and makes your face ache. Rumor has it that it was 53 yesterday and 51 today. I can't believe I ever thought that was cold because now it just feels so good!

As we swam in to shore we saw the first light of day illuminating the San Francisco skyline. The water was silky blue and resonated with the recently stormy sky. To the West, the lights were still on on the Golden Gate Bridge but it was light enough for us to see the orange color stand out from the gray-blue sky.

Sunrise this morning was at 7:02 a.m. In two weeks it will be at 6:45 a.m. I think the worst of the cold/early/dark combo may be over.

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