01 March 2007

March Madness!

It's March! That means I am replacing one of my pool workouts with a bay swim and swimming longer in the bay. I convinced Bob and Cory to start our bay swims earlier. The way we see it is "dark is dark and early is early". This morning Bob, Cory, Jim and I met at 5:40 a.m. and we were in the chilly 51 degree water a few minutes later. They got out after about 25 minutes and I continued on, swimming for a total of 43 minutes. The water is still cold and will be that way for awhile. By the end of the swim, my hands and feet felt numb and it took almost 10 minutes in the shower to regain dexterity in both hands. It is difficult and somewhat comical to wash your hair with hands that you don't have full use of yet. Thanks again to my early morning bay swimming crew: Bob, Cory and Jim.

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Sarah said...


I meant to comment when I read this and got distracted by something else. I relayed your post to somebody else that day and they just shook their head. I brag about your exploits in the bay (and of course, what it is you're training for) to all my cycling guy friends who think they're all tough. Then they all shriek like little girls when I tell them about your blog posts.

While you describe it all with such vividness and I can imagine how cold it must be, somehow you still make it sound easier than it really is. Not EASY, just easIER...

Way to go. :-) Keep it up!