09 March 2007

Swimming into the Daylight

Last Thursday we jumped at 5:45 and swam into the daylight. I stayed in for 45 minutes in 52 degree water. My hands were numb and twitching by the end. Daylight savings comes 3 weeks early this year, so next week my entire swim will be in the dark. Not the pitch dark of winter, the dark of spring that is almost OK, but certainly not like the beautiful dawn swims we have been enjoying. The photos above were taken on Thursday March 8th, between 5:55 and 6:20 a.m. The first shot is of the water on the beach just before we jumped. The second photo is the moon above the cove. The third photo is an attempt at a self portrait and the last one is just a shot of the cove near the end of my swim.

I have been incredibly tired recently and feel like it has been a long, dark, cold and exhausting winter. Last night I went to bed at 5:30 p.m. and still felt like a zombie all day. I took off two workouts this week in hopes of restoring some energy to my tired body.


Alisa said...

You are amazing, Jessica, and I know your body will keep up with your determined mind and inspired heart.

Sarah said...

I love the pics. I get in the shower before it gets warm just so I can get a taste of what it must be like. I still can't imagine staying in for so long.

Think how warm that Channel is going to be!

Thank you for all of the inspiration...