13 March 2007

Glow Stick Fashion Etiquette

Bob walked into the water at with a yelp at 5:48 a.m. and I was just seconds behind. But two days after day light savings time had taken away our sunrise swims, I wasn't close enough. Bob vanished into the dark abyss the cove and I could barely make him out as we swam to the Bad Becky Buoy. Cory was close by and I tried to keep up with her so I would have some sort of visual reference.

"Bob, you know you can't wear purple glow sticks after Day Light Savings, It is like wearing white after labor day!" I joked with Bob after we had reached the the first point in our early morning swim. He wore purple glow sticks which as not nearly as bright as the yellow and orange ones that Cory and I had attached to the straps of our goggles.

I wasn't scared, just frustrated. I couldn't see anything! It was like the blind leading the blind trying to make it across the cove. I realized that because I couldn't see anything, the only experience I was having was that of swimming. Pure swimming in the cold, dark water. My mind didn't wander because the most important thing was the task at hand, one stroke after another moving me through the water.

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MrGS said...

Awww if you only had pictures to post! lol Wearing glow sticks sounds like something you'd see at a high-end fashion show.