26 March 2007

Candlestick Park to Aquatic Park

On Saturday I swam 10 miles from Candlestick Park to South End Rowing Club in Aquatic Park. Duke Dahlin piloted for me, Fast Eddie, John Hathaway and Paul Springer. The water temperature was between 52-53 degrees F.

My favorite part of the swim was watching the scenery change from the industrial landscape of the Southern part of San Francisco to highrises of downtown.

My least favorite part was stopping for two ferries and a police boat.

I was a little anxious swimming under the Bay Bridge because the last time I swam under a bridge (the Golden Gate) I had to get rescued from the fast currents carrying me straight into the South tower.

I finished with pod #2 in 2 hours and 32 minutes. I felt more cold than tired, which is a good sign. I wasn't sore the next day which makes me feel like I am getting in pretty good shape.

Next Saturday: 4 hours in 63 degree water (Lake Del Valle)

THANK YOU to all of the pilots and organizers of the swim, especially Duke Dahlin, Bob Roper and Jon Meyer.


kfcharb said...

That's pretty awesome that you weren't that tired or sore after your first long bay swim! You're becoming a true mermaid.......a tough one! :-)

Lena said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Jess! You are awesome!

Carla said...

10 miles - great job! I'm looking forward to Del Valle!

Sarah said...

Wow...10 miles...in 2:32? I'm so confused. I mean...how...that's so FAST, JESSIE!

I'm so excited for you that you weren't sore and felt good. You are doing so fabulously!

Love the postcard and I will be there for the fundraiser. I'm working on some things to auction off. Keep up all the great work. Good job on the swim!!!!

Christine said...

Great job Jess! You are going to kick some Big EC butt!!

Christine said...

PS - I'm down for the fundraiser as well. I have a feeling I'll have a bunch of wine left from the wedding so I'll bring some of that to donate!!