13 July 2007

30 miles from England to Almost France

I am catching the train in an hour or so to head to London to meet up with some friends. I am just ready to get out of Dover. I am feeling much better, but I know the pneumonia will keep me feeling exhausted for awhile.

I met up with Reg last night. He gave me a chart of my swim and calculated the distance I swam - 30 miles!

I am working on writing up something about the swim but it will be several weeks until it is up here with photos and videos.

Thank you again for all of your support.



Hoffy said...

Jessica, I'm so sorry that you didn't quite make it. When we met on the beach last Saturday I felt sure that you would make it. I wish you a speedy recovery, and am sure you will be back to give it another go in the future.

Kind regards.


Anonymous said...


You are an inspiration in every way. I wish you a speedy full recovery.

Sarah said...

THIRTY FREAKIN' MILES!!!!! HOLY COW! Jessica, you are beyond amazing. Truly. I am so proud of you and I knew you were okay when you joked about bringing back your lung and shoulder. I love your sense of humor!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your time over there and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU WHEN YOU GET BACK!

Love ya,

linda said...

Hi Jessica: I was so sorry to hear of all the ordeal, but I know you had the strength to face what was in store for you. Your attitude and courage has always been so incredible. Get well and let love embrace you. Much love, Linda Farnell-Silva

cr8vdrvr said...

I went to the Y today and swam for an hour. It was my way of wising you the best, I hope you feel better. It is not the getting to France that counts, it is the effort Jessica. I admire you for doing 30 miles!!! What an inspiration.

See you in a month,

Anonymous said...

You're still my hero.

Secret Admirer

Anonymous said...

30 miles , incredible. "failure" is all relative just like "success", ofcourse it would have been nice to make it to France, but this was an amazing feat of endurance regardless. Hope you get better soon and then take some downtime to relax and enjoy your accomplishment. Will be looking out for those pics.
take care,

Anonymous said...

Wow Jessica! 30 miles is amazing! I'm so proud of you and I hope you're feeling MUCH better. I too can't wait to see you when you get back. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and I'd love to hear all about your adventure when you're feeling up for it.
Wishing you the best,
Sarah O.

Carla said...

30 miles is an amazing swim! I am inspired by your strength and determination.

Anonymous said...

Your Aragon students and parents couldn't be prouder. You've shown such incredible commitment and passion. We're grateful for the example you have set for the hundreds of high school students you touch every day. You've made a lasting impression on them. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you, I can't believe you swam so far! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.
Liz (Cary, and Ava)

ccpdx said...

Jessica, you continue to be an inspiration through your journey. Thank you!!!! You rock.

Christine Caurant